The History of Clint’s Well Service

My name is Clint Olson, Jr.

I grew up on a farm near Frazee, MN. My family moved to Ogema, MN in 1995, and I graduated from high school three years later. As a young child, I had always enjoyed working on mechanical equipment, which is why I decided to go to college for diesel mechanics. I graduated in 2000 and worked in the diesel mechanics field until 2005. At that point, I wanted a job that would also satisfy my long-standing love for the outdoors.

I found a perfect opportunity when I was offered a job in the water well industry. I quickly became passionate about my new field, after 16 years of experience, I decided to take that passion to the next level when I founded Clint’s Well Service, LLC in 2021. I now provide a vitally important service to the good people living and doing business throughout the 100-mile radius surrounding my hometown of Waubun, MN where my wife and I raise our three children. I hope to show what a passionate well man can do for you soon!

I would like to know your story too!

Please contact Clint’s Well Service today and tell us how we can be of help!

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